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List of directors & officers

(AS of June 21, 2019)

Board of Directors

  • Representative Director

    Inui Yasuyuki

  • Director

    Inui Takashi 
    (President of Inui Transport Co., Ltd.)

  • Director

    Kuse Hirohito * 
    (Professor of Faculty of Distribution and Logistics Systems, Ryutsu Keizai University)

  • Director

    Kawasaki Kiyotaka * 
    (Partner of Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation)

  • Director

    Kambayashi Nobumitsu * 
    (President of Japan Ship Technology Research Association)

* Indicates an outside director as provided for in Article 2-15 of the Companies Act.

Corporate Auditors

  • Corporate Auditor

    Kashima Akihisa

  • Corporate Auditor

    Tanaka Masato *
    (Director of Executive Partners Inc.)

  • Corporate Auditor

    Yamada Haruhiko *

* Indicates an outside corporate auditor as provided for in Article 2-16 of the Companies Act.

Corporate Officers

  • Senior Managing
    Corporate Officer

    Inui Takashi