About Us

Message from the President

Hello, my name is Inui Yasuyuki and I am the president of Inui Global Logistics.

This year, 2018, marks the 2nd year since our company has launched First Medium-term Management Plan -“Hang in There for the Future”-.

We have been working on various measures in order to create opportunities for the future growth during the first year of the mid-term management plan with going through the severe management environment such as the recession in the shipping market and the shrinking warehouse and transportation businesses.

Although the future prospects of our management environment would be unclear during this fiscal year, we will steadily continue to strive for the growth of our company through our own efforts, by demonstrating invaluable uniqueness and making the most of the present and tomorrow.
I kindly ask all our stakeholders for your continued support for Inui Global Logistics.

Inui Yasuyuki
Representative Director, President

Dated April 2018