About Us

Message from the President

Hello, my name is Inui Yasuyuki and I am the president of Inui Global Logistics.

Inui Global Logistics began as a new company in October 2014 through the integration of the former Inui Steamship Co., Ltd. which was in charge of overseas shipping businesses, and Inui Warehouse Co., Ltd. which was in charge of warehousing businesses.

After this integration, Inui Global Logistics has established “transporting goods well” as its principle and has promoted efforts towards improving its businesses, optimizing its asset portfolio, and constructing a new logistics platform.
These various efforts are continually producing a certain degree of results including a more efficient business structure, and increased investments and fundraising accompanying the expansion of held assets.
On the other hand, the business environment surrounding our company is generally harsh, and responses towards business structures which heavily influence performance results, especially due to the unstable condition of the marine transportation market, have become a major challenge.

I will continue our efforts to create a strong business structure against changes in the business environment, and live up to the expectations of all our stakeholders.

I kindly ask for your continued support of Inui Global Logistics.

Inui Yasuyuki
Representative Director, President

Dated June 2016