About Us

Message from the President

Hello, my name is Inui Yasuyuki and I am the president of Inui Global Logistics.

It has been two and a half years since Inui Global Logistics began through the integration of two century-old companies, the former Inui Steamship Co., Ltd. and Inui Warehouse Co., Ltd.
Starting April this year, the first year of our “First Mid-Term Management Plan -Making the Most of the Present and Tomorrow” will begin.

The business environment surrounding our company continues to be harsh as marine transport is in a recession, and cutbacks tend to be made in the warehousing and transport business.
Our company will be placing efforts in various measures to overcome this harsh environment and leverage opportunities for growth in the future.
We have decided to establish the following as the management policies of our company: “Make the Power of Our Assets the Power of Our Business”, “Improvement is Treasure”, and “Pursuit of Identity”.

As a company, we will make the most of the present and tomorrow by expressing valuable originality.
I kindly ask all our stakeholders for your continued support of Inui Global Logistics.

Inui Yasuyuki
Representative Director, President

Dated April 2017