The Future of Inui Global Logistics

About Inui Global Logistics

In October 1, 2014, Inui Global Logistics made a new start, through the integration of the former Inui Steamship Co., Ltd., which operates a shipping business, and Inui Warehouse Co., Ltd., which operates a warehousing business.

Our two companies, which had been involved with capabilities for transporting goods, now aim to “transport goods well,” by which we mean transporting them “effectively, efficiently, and thoughtfully.”

Three business mainstays

The two companies, with their combined history of two centuries, have specified three mainstays for this business.

① Daily improvement

Our work involves many years of know-how, but when we look at each other’s jobs from our different perspectives, we also find impracticalities, excesses, and inconsistencies.
When we aspire to “transport goods well,” the scope for improvement encompasses our entire work. All employees in our corporate group are going to review their work, starting from the basics of being organized and tidy in the workplace, to achieve ceaseless improvement in the way we transport goods.

② Deployment of business assets

Appropriate deployment of our business assets - shipping, warehousing, and realty – is crucial.
We will also focus on management, responding to the changes in our environment, so we can make each asset advance our business further.

③ Global logistics – a new initiative

Going forward, there will be a need for integrated logistics services, in response to rapid growth in global-scale movement of goods.
We consider that, having integrated our own business, we can provide value in this way.
In both sea and land transportation, we possess a range of capabilities, and for many years, we have advanced our operations through partnerships with various businesses.
Looking ahead, we will further utilize this valuable network, in business development that contributes to global logistics, starting with logistics data management in international trade.

Our organization and arrangements

Even following our integration, we are a small-scale organization. We continually work to streamline our arrangements, so we can utilize our limited number of employees, maximize the advantages of our small scale, and minimize any deficiencies.
Our Board of Directors, including auditors, has 8 people from outside the company, accounting for 5/8 of its members. Through this diverse membership, we continually make management decisions in highly transparent, equitable ways.


Shipping is an industry prone to being buffeted by the economy, but with the understanding of our shareholders, we aspire to a dividend policy that rides out ups and downs, supported by steady accumulation of internal reserves and rental of facilities in the Kachidoki-Tsukishima area, which maintain stable earnings.

Vital indices

We understand that it is crucial for us to prioritize cash flow, which serves as the basis for our dividend policy.
With cash flow as an important index in our business management, by the year ending in March 2017, we will build up our basic business constitution so that dividends can be maintained consistently, even when market conditions are unfavorable.


In the Inui Group, we have a unique word, “Inutama,” which refers to our corporate philosophy. The three pillars of this philosophy are rationality, paying attention to basics, and making extra effort. Backed by “Inutama” and two centuries of progress by our company, we will develop logistics that contributes to society by “transporting goods well.”

We truly appreciate the ongoing support of all our customers.

December 2014